So much to see at Marjorie's Kauai Inn, but one thing we hear often is...
"It's even better than the pictures! "

The panoramic views from Marjorie’s Kauai Inn are spectacular with sweeping vistas of the Lawai Valley. The valley borders the Allerton & McBride National Botanical Gardens where movies such as Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed.

Marjorie's Kauai Inn is one of the only B&B's in Kauai originally designed and built

as a B&B, with privacy in mind.

Our 50-foot-long Salt Water swimming pool and hot-tub is just an example of the
'Have it All' attitude at Marjorie's Kauai Inn.


Call us now to book: (808) 332-8838

Marjorie's is a Smoke-Free Environment, Inside & Outside

Our Environmentally Friendly Policy
We at Marjorie's Kauai Inn love and respect our local environment and hope our guests will too. We recycle, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and use energy efficient appliances.  We also try to use fresh organic products either from our trees or the local farmers on the Island.  When you select our property for your vacation you'll be contributing to a greener world.

County of Kaua'i Class IV Zoning Permit # Class Z-IV-2015-21

County of Kaua'i Planning Department regulations does not allow cooking in guest rooms

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