Frédéric & Veronica


We feel like our guests will get a rare treat if they are staying with us while Frédéric and Vero are here.  Introducing Frédéric and Vero is an honor.  We wish we could spend some time as their guests at this incredible paradise spot on Kauai.


Frédéric and Vero have stayed with us on Kauai several times and are world wide travelers. Frédéric is originally from France and Vero from East Germany. 


One morning while I was attempting to make crepes, Frédéric simply took over and showed me the real way to make real French crepes. He asked, "Sweet or savory?".  Jokingly I answered, "Well both of course!" and off he went effortlessly from tourist to French Chef. Voila! Amazing crepes - both savory and sweet. The tastes to die for!


Vero, has an infectious smile a easy personality who seems to never get rattled over anything in life - a 'just take it as it comes' philosophy.  Frédéric's job takes him to California and they end up at Marjorie's. It looks like the Hawaiian magic is trying to keep them coming back. What a great addition to this Island, even though it's just another visit far.

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We at Marjorie's Kauai Inn love and respect our local environment and hope our guests will too. We recycle, use environmentally friendly cleaning products and use energy efficient appliances.  We also try to use fresh organic products either from our trees or the local farmers on the Island.  When you select our property for your vacation you'll be contributing to a greener world.

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